• September 21The pink out pep rally is this Friday at 7:30am at the stadium.
  • September 8FCA meets on Tuesdays at 7:30 AM in the courtyard.

Spotlight on Music with Maria Labiran

Mattie Smith, Staff Writer

May 24, 2019

Our school is full of very talented students. One junior, Maria Labiran, is extremely gifted in music. Not only can Maria sing, she plays guitar, trumpet, drums, and piano. Music is an important aspect in Maria’s life, a...

Music and the Brain

May 23, 2019

How Does Your Brain React to Music? When people listen to music, dopamine is released. Dopamine is a chemical that makes you happy when the brain experiences pleasures like food. Ashford.edu states that "the response is so qu...

Last Hurrah for 2019 Wylie Choirs

May 17, 2019

As the lights dimmed on stage, a crowd of hands froze in the air. The chests of dozens of students rose and fell in sync with their heavy breathing, exhausted after their performance. For many weeks, all Wylie choirs have been work...

The Amazing Binturong

The Amazing Binturong

April 15, 2019

Courtesy of http://springhillnow.com/open-mic-poetry-night-april-15th/2016/04/07

Open Mic Poetry Night

April 11, 2019