Camp Rock: The Musical


Shaylee Bahner, staff writer

  On May 13, one of the most anticipated theater productions took place, 24 HR. I always look forward to 24 HR, and this year I was able to watch them perform Camp Rock: The Musical. With such little time, they put on an exciting performance that had people singing along with them. 

The main characters, Mitchie Torres, (played by Abbie Bulls), and Shane Gray (played by Cris Correa) as well as many others, are at camp for the summer. However, they face problems when half of Camp Rock’s staff members leave for the rival team Camp Star, and there’s not many left to run camp. Mitchie refuses to let this happen and challenges Camp Star for their space. Problems also arise during the time of them practicing for the competition due to the amount of stress they face as well as the challenge being broadcasted to the world. The couple Mitchie and Shane are tested during this period, and they start to doubt each other. In the end, their love prevails, and they’re stronger when performing together, stealing the show and helping to save Camp Rock.

The students did such a good job of putting this together in the little time they had, and this definitely shows in the beautiful sets and props. The choreography, although not perfect, was super fun to watch and the little hiccups they did have were in no way awkward or embarrassing to watch. My sister and I were both fully immersed in their performance, and we both look forward to the next 24 HR as well as every other show they put on. Congratulations to all that participated wonderfully in Camp Rock: The Musical!