Wylie Belles


Mya McCarty, staff writer

On April 21st, the Belles had their tenth annual spring showcase. The theme for their show this year was celebration, and it was incorporated throughout the show. The Belles performed pep rally routines, competition routines, and a kick finale.

This year, the Belles director, Mrs. T, has made the decision to retire from dance in the coming school year. She has been the varsity Belles coach for four years, and was the Junior Belles coach before that. Mrs. T has been dancing since she was eight years old, and she has been involved with dance in some way for 26 years. She has directed a drill team for 15 years, 4 of them being with the Wylie Varsity Belles. While being a great role model for the team, she has directed an amazing program. She has put the team in a great position to continue to thrive in the coming years. Mrs. T kept the team in line and ran an organized team, all while making it a fun experience. Mrs. T will be missed immensely by the Belles.

Mrs. T’s favorite dance style to teach is field routines or competition military. “I love the precision of a military routine with the sharp moves, clean lines, and serious undertones,” Mrs. T stated. Throughout the school years and even the summers, Mrs. T has spent countless hours working with the Belles. She says, “My favorite part of drill team is the time I have with the girls. Being a drill team director is unique to the span of time involved.” Time is spent together at performances, bus rides, and abundant practices, so Mrs. T gets to know her girls pretty well. Mrs. T talked about how most of the girls on her team tried out for Belles when they were in eighth grade, and most remain on the team until they graduate high school. “Our team starts at the end of July and runs through the end of the school year, five days a week,” Mrs. T says, “Between that, summer camps, and weekly travel to games, we spend a lot of time together.” Mrs. T has been an amazing director for these last few years, and has impacted the girls on her team more than she will ever know. Thank you Mrs. T!

Photo credit: Kerr Broadstreet