A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Photo courtesy of Wylie’s Theater’s Instagram page

Shaylee Bahner, staff writer

 A few weeks prior, Theatre 2 put on a wonderful performance of Shakespeare’s famous play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Not only was the casting perfect, but the costumes and set designs were something to be remembered. 

 In Act 1, we’re introduced to characters: Theseus (played by Ryan Conners), Hippolyta (played by Danielle Schwoerer), Egeus (played by Anthony Hayes), Lysander (played by Shawn O’Neal), Demetrius (played by Aiden Langdon), Hermia (played by Elaina Fike), and Helena (played by Kaci Cramer). Egeus presents the problem that Hermia, his daughter, will not marry Demetrius due to her love for Lysander to Theseus. Theseus tells Hermia that unless she wants to die, she must listen to her father. Upset by this, she runs away with Lysander and tells her best friend Helena of her secret, who is rejected by him in favor of Hermia; Demetrius is the man that Helena loves. After running away, the couple ends up getting lost in the woods while Demetrius and Helena follow. While this occurs, a couple of men prepare their play of the tragic love story between Pyramus and Thisbe to present to the soon to be married couple, Theseus and Hippolyta. The role of Pyramus is given to Bottom (played by Carson Wells) and Thisbe to Flute (played by Scout McCall) who reluctantly agrees.

 Following Act 1, in Act 2 we’re then introduced to King Oberon (played by Darrion Hawkins), Queen Titania (played by Aubrie Hammond), and Puck (played by Lyla Fletcher) as well as their many fairies. After a dispute with his wife, Oberon wants to get revenge on her by sending his fairy servant Puck with a flower containing juice that makes people fall in love with the next creature they see. Then Oberon overhears the argument between Helena and Demetrius and orders Puck to use the flower on Demetrius. Getting mixed up, Puck uses the flower of the sleeping Lysander, who falls in love with Helena when woken up, and Demetrius, who also falls in love with Helena.

 In Act 3, Puck overhears the rehearsal of the play and decides to play a trick on them by giving Bottom (played by Carson Wells), the actor of Pyramus, an ass’s head. After luring Bottom to Titania, she then falls in love with him and has her fairies entertain him. Meanwhile, the two men under the love spell try winning Helena over and completely dismiss Hermia. Oberon, annoyed by the chaos, orders Puck to go and fix what he had done. Then in Act 4, Bottom falls asleep next to Titania due to all of her pampering. Oberon, confused by the sight, decides to fix his wife’s sight, and she then realizes how disgusted she is by Bottom. His head is fixed, and he returns to the city with his friends while the lovers awake and order is restored.

Finally in Act 5, the play of Pyramus and Thisbe is enacted by Bottom and Flute who gave a wonderful performance. The play of Midsummer Night’s Dream ends soon after a bow and applause to the hardworking cast and crew. As for my favorite part, I would say it was Bottom’s and Flute’s play which had the audience laughing for minutes and was definitely memorable. A job well done to all who participated in this play and a congratulations to Mrs. Lowry for having such a hardworking, and fun team.