Serge Gasore Inspires Students


Allison McCall, staff writer

It’s not every day at Wylie High School that students get to see a real-life example of someone who experienced history happening right in front of their eyes. On March 24, Serge Gasore visited Wylie High to tell students the emotional story of his life growing up during the Rwandan genocide, and it’s safe to say that his words had a significant impact.

In 1994, Serge was just a child and was living through one of the most horrific events of our time. In Rwanda, two primary ethnic groups had emerged: the Hutu and Tutsi. Although these groups had once lived in peace together, their differences soon took over. The Hutu began attacking the Tutsi, using anything they could to murder them. The Tutsies found themselves being brutally attacked by people who had once been their closest neighbors and friends, all because of an ethnic division. Serge was a Tutsi, and although he made it out of the genocide alive, he lost some of his dearest family members. Serge’s grandmother raised him and was there for him every step of his childhood. She died shielding him from a grenade, protecting him until her last dying breath. 

Serge came to Abilene as a young adult on a track scholarship from Abilene Christian University. In Serge’s time in Abilene, he felt a newfound urge to revisit the place where he had lost so much. Despite the great pain he experienced in Rwanda, he felt called to serve the children there who had no one to look out for them. Serge transformed his gruesome experience into a passion for helping others and being an advocate for peace.

Now, in 2023, Serge has over 400 students enrolled in his non-profit organization, Rwanda Children. The children are provided with quality education, medical services, and feeding programs. A key factor in Rwanda Children’s success is sponsors. Sponsors have the opportunity to support a child financially, helping them to stay healthy. Along with this, they have the opportunity to make a connection with a child and show them love–even from the other side of the globe.

Serge Gasore’s visit to Wylie High was eye opening, and it was truly inspiring to see someone who can turn a devastating experience into an opportunity to serve. On behalf of everyone at Wylie High, we say thank you to Serge for encouraging us to always be “ambassadors of peace.”


picture credit: Mr. Dowell