Wylie Art Goes to Stae


Photos courtesy of Alexis Hughes.

Luke Mehaffey, staff writer

Wylie art is going to state. Wylie students’ artwork has been submitted and eight artworks have been selected from Wylie. The event, called state VASE is being held in San Marcus on April 29.
This event is culminating a full year of creative genius and diligence on behalf of the art students. The state event is designed with the goal of recognizing students and to encourage them to elect visual art classes at the collegiate level. Qualifying artworks are assessed by TAEA jurors. Students who receive a rating IV will be awarded a state medallion and will be named an All-State artist. The artwork created by these students will be on the VASE website.
Wylie students are representing the school well at state. Out of 280 artworks that competed, only 22 moved on to state. Wylie had 8 out of the 22! The Wylie students who are advancing are Elise Ford, Ryan Ross, Tessa Fellona, Chloe Kinnard, Madison Osborne, Morgan Dean, Lace Archambeau, and Jessalyn Thomas. Props to these students for doing so well and being recognized at the state level. These students will present their art work to TAEA jurors.
Wylie students have put in their time and effort to show off their artistic talents. And on April 29, they are getting recognized for their amazing and creative abilities.