2023 UIL Cheer Competition


Photo taken by Coach Hughes.

Morgan Stickney, staff writer

At the beginning of January, the Wyllie cheer team participated in their annual UIL cheer competition.  With 30 cheerleaders on mat, they have three minutes to complete a band chant, cheer, and the school’s fight song.

While most Wyllie students are hanging out at home during Christmas break, the Wyllie cheerleaders were up at the school practicing for the UIL cheerleading competition. Hours and hours had been put into the routine that they perform in-front of numerous judges for prelims.

During the 2023 UIL competition, the Wyllie cheerleaders ranked top 20 out of 70 to compete in finals. Finals was the day after prelims and would be performed in a large auditorium.

The night the cheerleaders made finals, they had late night practice at the hotel until 11:00 that night. The Wyllie cheerleaders didn’t just have to perfect their routine but they had to include a situational. A situation is another routine that would have to be performed in front of the judges.

The Wyllie cheerleaders made 13th out of the whole state while breaking multiple school records.