A Ranking of Wylie’s Water Fountains

Kolby Corbett, staff writer

Water fountains- necessity for some and for others just a decoration on the wall. We all walk by these every day. But, have you ever wondered if some may be better than others? I was recently faced with this question, and I’ve happily ranked the 8 water fountains I found at the school. Using 3 categories of water pressure, accessibility, and water temperature, I’ve given a grade to every water fountain in the school. Here are my findings.



Coming in at last place is the 500 hall fountain by the front entrance and gyms. You can imagine my disappointment when I found that the fountains didn’t work except for the water bottle filler. Overall there are much better places to fill your water bottle, and this fountain deserves a bottom spot on my list.



The 9th place spot goes to the fountain at the long end of the freshman hall. It lives in the shadow of its much more accomplished brother down the hall, and with horrible pressure and relatively bad accessibility, you’ll want to avoid this fountain. 



The 8th spot comes to the PAC water fountains. They face the same fate as the last: horrible water pressure. I hope it gets fixed soon because the water temp is great and is the only option for a drink for people who have classes in the PAC.



The second 500 hall fountain appears in the 7th slot. It can be found by the band hall, which separates it from most of the student body. Although it has excellent water pressure, it can get pretty warm during some months and isn’t the best choice for those seeking a drink.


The farthest 400 hall fountain is in 6th place. It could’ve placed higher, but the shorter of the 2 fountains is the only one with good water pressure. It is cold, though, and if not for its consistency, it would be considerably higher up. I’m not complaining about this one, though.



The second, better 400 hall fountain makes up for everything the other lacks. It’s in a better place, with better pressure and still with those cold temperatures. Honestly, I take drinks from this thing every day, and it works great for me. Would recommend to friends.



This one is a fountain I’d never drunk from before, but was pleasantly surprised when I did. Located by the gym and coaching offices, this fountain has great pressure and a water bottle filler. Along with this, it has a counter that shows how many bottles you’ve saved so you can feel good about drinking from a fountain.



The bronze medal goes to the 200 hall fountain. An all around success is the name of the game for this fountain, boasting cold water, great pressure, and a water bottle filler for everyone to enjoy. No one dislikes this fountain, and there are good reasons why.



The doghouse fountains come in at a strong #2 spot. The best water pressure on the list can be found here, along with good water temp and good accessibility for athletes. Plus, it always seems to taste better after a workout. Much deserved spot.



The prestigious 1 spot has to go to the freshman fountain by the cafeteria. It sets the standard perfectly for other fountains everywhere: good water temp, a water bottle filler, and great pressure. I can only imagine society if every water fountain was like this one.