Wylie Theater’s Rockin’ Performance


Image courtesy of Wylie Theater’s Facebook page.

Allison McCall, staff writer

“Where did the rock go?” sings Principal Mullins in the iconic hit musical, “School of Rock.” Wylie students did not hesitate to answer that question as they brought rock-n-roll to the stage of the beloved Wylie Performing Arts Center. Wylie Theater students truly brought the story to life as they danced, sang, and rocked out on stage. 

“School of Rock” follows the story of Dewey Finn–an aspiring rockstar– as he pretends to be a substitute teacher. When he realizes the hidden talent that his students’ possess, he decides to compete with his students in the Battle of the Bands. Starring as the one and only Dewey Finn was Senior, Kyle Page. Kyle put on a spectacular performance and really managed to encapsulate the joy of music. Aria Kershner played the role of Rosalie Mullins—the misunderstood principal. Aria emotionally delivered the ballad of the musical, and (I can say truthfully) brought tears to my eyes. Ned Schneebly and Patty were played by Talon Hoff and Calli Andrews. These two skillfully portrayed these iconic roles and brought the stage to life with their playful bantering. All in all the cast was full of talent, and it was clear how much time and perseverance they put into making the show happen. 

When asked what her favorite thing about Wylie Theater is, Calli Andrews answered, “We are a little family! We are always there for each other and will always have each others’ backs.” The closeness and connection of these students is very evident in the way they perform together. Wylie Theater is a family of individuals that cheer each other on, support each other, and —most importantly— love each other.

If you did not get the chance to see “School of Rock,” do not worry because Wylie Theater will put on many more performances. If you get the opportunity to speak to a member of the musical or the wonderful teachers who make it happen, be sure to congratulate them on a rockin’ performance!