Protect Your Peace


photo courtesy of Pinterest

Allison McCall, staff writer

One of my greatest personal struggles throughout high school is the urge to do anything and everything I possibly can. I feel pulled and called to by so many different events, functions, and jobs. While I always sign up for these activities with excitement and curiosity, I almost always end up with a sense of exhaustion from overexerting myself. The urge to do everything is so tempting (and also very encouraged in today’s society).  Although I believe that trying new things and having a structured schedule is very important, I also believe that making time to reflect and relax with no responsibilities is just as important. 

A phrase that I have come to love the past year is “protect your peace.” Identify what brings you peace, make space for it, and then Protect it. Diligently. My time of day, happy mood, bright ideas, and comfort can all be stolen. But my peace cannot.

I think the concept of peace is a foreign one to many teenagers- and some adults too. Peace is often viewed as some perfectly aligned and polished feeling. The truth is that peace is not perfect, and the opportunity for peace is often hiding in plain sight. Peace can come in the form of a certain song on the radio, a hug from a friend, the smell of a candle, or even just a moment to really breathe deep. In a world that promotes productivity and business, peace can seem hard to find. By taking steps to recognize the tiny pockets of peace that are all around us, we are creating a healthy habit of awareness. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. We often take for granted the moments that seem small, but are really valuable. As Christmas break approaches and all of the chaos that comes with it, I encourage you to find your source of peace and hold onto it. Even within the crazy family drama, last minute scrambling to find gifts, and stressful travels, there is peace to be found.

From everyone at the Wylie Paw Print, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Let us all come back with a newfound awareness of the peace that this world has to offer.