Join Wylie High’s Bulldog Debate!


Kaitlyn Van Holten, Staff Writer

Participate in Wylie High’s Bulldog Debate team! The coach, Justin Holland, helps students from knowing nothing about debate to going to state competitions by their senior year. And while many may think debate is not for them, there are many events that suit a wide range of styles.

Debating is not just about public speaking. Students develop a variety of skill sets when they compete. An important one is critical thinking.

Holland said, “ When a student is in the round, they never know what could happen or what their opponent could be bringing. Debate allows a student to think quickly on their feet.”

Debate also allows students to increase and improve their vocabulary. Holland pointed out that in order to be a successful debater, one must know words and pronunciations from world wide figures. 

While debate did very well this past fall, their season is not over yet. Currently, Senior Brendan Hurt, and Freshman, Josh Corrigan, are preparing for Congress state this coming spring. Along with congress, CX, or cross examination, is starting soon.  This is a partner event that consists of each team debating the issues within the status quo. Including this and many other events, there are currently 12 possible tournaments for our team this spring. 

If what’s preventing you from thinking about debate is simply the fear of public speaking, then there is no issue at all. “No one is a perfect public speaker coming out. Just like everything, it takes hard work. I’ve had students who I could barely hear in their first speech when they joined and even made state competition,” Holland said.

If anyone’s interested, Holland stated, “It may seem intimidating at first. Everything new always does. The best way to get past the fear of public speaking is quite literally to get up and do it. I would encourage you to come in and try with us. I promise you, one tournament with our team, and you will be hooked! The culture of our debate team really is the greatest thing about it.”


Image from: @bulldog.debate – instagram