Student Council Coat Drive

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Mya McCarty, staff writer

Each year, Wylie High School’s student council conducts a money drive around the holidays to give to people in our community. The student council helps our school in many ways and does its best to give back to our district. They host several events a year to give back to those around us and help make the Wylie School District a close, loving community. This year, they worked to raise money to provide families with food for Thanksgiving and purchase coats for kids in the Wylie School District. They were very successful in raising money and were able to provide for numerous people. After all the money was collected, they ended up with $2,729.23. That money was able to help 17 families, and purchase 63 coats for students in the district. It’s really amazing how our school worked together to support our community. This is part of what can make the holidays so special. If you donated, thank you for your generosity, and for coming together to support our student council, community, and school district.