Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Shaylee Bahner, staff writer

On October 6th, I had the pleasure of watching the theater production The Puffs, an amazing performance with creative set designs, and a funny script. 

 We were first introduced to a character named Wayne Hopkins, wonderfully played by Kyle Page. We follow Wayne on his journey of finding out he’s a wizard and arriving at Hogwarts. As the story unfolds, one quickly learns that he struggles with his self-identity, self confidence, and continuously doubts his abilities of being a wizard. 

 Fortunately for Wayne, he meets Oliver Rivers, creatively played by Cris Correa, another uncertain wizard who’d much rather be solving math equations and problems than magic. These two are sorted into the Hufflepuff house where everyone is very kooky and accepting, and meet Cedric Diggory, handsomely played by Talon Hoff, their idol for the next few years. 

 We’re also introduced to Megan Jones, beautifully played by Meg Siewert, a misunderstood Hufflepuff who feels she belongs with the Slytherins, the house of the snake. She looks entirely up to her mother, gorgeously played by Kate Kelfstrom, who supposedly helped Voldemort the dark lord, hilariously played by Robin Ragan. This causes her to stand out from her sorted house, until she spontaneously becomes friends with Wayne and Oliver. This sets the tone for the play, as these three are our main characters.

 We follow these characters roughly through the next 7 years where they go through twists and turns as they develop and learn to accept the powers that live within them. This teaches us a lesson that it’s good to have people by your side when you’re figuring out not only magic, but yourself and who you are.

 I highly recommend this play to not only Harry Potter fans, but those who like wizardry and a good laugh.