Student Spotlight: Novi Louis

Kaitlyn Van Holten, staff writer

Wylie High welcomes freshman Novi Louis. She has been a part of the Wylie family for 6 years and while everyone has their own uniqueness, Novi does it a little differently. Born blind, she has always had to adapt.

For Novi to be able to do her school work she has a special tablet with braille keys for online assignments. However, when the class is assigned a paper assignment, Novi has her braillist translate it for her, that way she can read the work given. Unfortunately, it’s not a quick process, so teachers had to send in the work over the summer, so it would be ready by the time school started.

Of course everyone’s curious and so Novi is frequently asked the question, “What do you see?” 

Novi states, “My answer to that is nothing. It’s not black, it’s not clear, it’s not white, it’s nothingness.”

According to Novi, all her senses are heightened due to her loss of sight. So anytime you see her, she’ll always have her jingling bracelets and lots of rings because she loves the textures and also as she puts it, “I’m a fidgeter.” She also doesn’t like slimy or sticky type textures. One thing to be aware of- since she cannot see what’s going on around her- is that Novi is easily stressed by loud noises. 

           Novi is a great asset to our school; she participates in a wide variety of extracurriculars and takes honors classes just like any other student. So next time you see her, introduce yourself and say hi.


Picture credit: Novi Louis