It’s Time to BeReal

Allison McCall, staff writer

Just this week as I was walking the halls of Wylie High, I noticed everyone’s phones going up in unison to take a picture. Not just any picture-a “BeReal.” 

BeReal is a French app that was created in 2020. Despite being a relatively simple form of social media, it has consumed teenagers across the globe. Once a day, every day, the app notifies its user that it is “time to bereal.” As soon as the app is opened, a 2 minute timer begins. Within these 2 minutes the user will take a picture capturing what they are doing and where they are.  Although you can post a bereal late, the app highly encourages you to take the picture the moment that you receive the notification. 

The question that many parents and teachers are asking is, “Why is this app so popular?”

Bereal appeals to teens in a few specific ways. The first is that it is advertised as a non toxic form of social media. In a world of apps that cause drama, unrest, and insecurity, the thought of an app that promotes authenticity is refreshing to today’s teens. The App Store description of BeReal states, “Bereal is your chance to show your friends who you really are for once. Bereal will challenge your creativity. BeReal is life, real life, and this is life without filters.” BeReal does not give you time to find the proper lighting, put on makeup, or set up a ring light. When you take your BeReal, you are showing your real self-whether you are lying in bed or on the top of a mountain. BeReal also keeps users coming back because of the daily notification. It becomes something to look forward to and something that you can talk about with your friends. It brings people together in a real way.

If you or your friends are looking for authentic social media to try out, BeReal is the app to download!


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