Wylie High Changes

Luke Mehaffey, staff writer

As the first six weeks of the school year comes to a close, I want to talk about all the new changes. These include colored hallways, phone holders (though they aren’t a school wide change), parking passes, and dress code changes.
Colored hallways are a big change that has happened this year. Every hall in the school has a color. A person walking through the hallways has to have a colored pass that matches the color of the hallway. Last year there was a big problem with students roaming around, and the colored hallways seek to rectify this problem.
Phone holders are a change that many teachers are making, but the change isn’t school wide. At the beginning of class, students are supposed to put their phones in the class phone holder. Teachers hope this will make students more productive without the distraction of their phones.
Parking passes are a change that has disgruntled students. Students who drive to school have to have a parking pass visible in their vehicle. In addition to this change, students are told to leave their vehicles and enter the school as soon as they arrive. Last year many students stayed in the parking lot. This change may help students be safer.
Dress code changes have also been made. Dress code is more strict this year. Dog collars and tails aren’t allowed, but clothes now go to thumb length instead of fingertip length. These are changes welcomed by students.
All these changes may not be welcomed by students, but all are helpful. These changes are here to help students be safer and more productive.