Wylie Cheer

Morgan Stickney, staff writer

“Cheer takes a lot of confidence and integrity. You can’t give your all to one thing and not the other. Cheerleaders give their all in everything they do,” Kamryn Johnson, a JV Cheerleader, explained. Cheer is a very well know sport at Wylie High school. Cheerleading at Wylie consists of stunting, cheers, dances, jumps, Pep Rallies, and tumbling.

Stunts, however, are the most challenging but fun part of doing cheer. Being able to hold, throw or catch a person in the air is incredible. A flyer, the person in the air needs to be fearless and have control over their own body. When a stunt goes up, the flyer controls not just their own body but the bases below them. To be a flyer, you need to be fearless and have trust in your bases.

Pep Rallies are the most stressful part of a cheerleader’s job. To prepare for a pep rally, the cheerleaders

must first learn the dance they will be performing that week. Not only do they have to learn a new dance every week but every school day their practices start at 7:30. “Pep rallies come with a lot of hard work! We wake up early to get to school before 7:30 to practice every detail for a two-minute routine. Sweat and pain go into it also such as getting hurt from stunts or running because you had jewelry on, but it all pays off in the end,” said Karishma Tweedie.

Lastly, the most important part of being a cheerleader is leadership and teamwork. McKenna, a JV cheerleader said, “One of my favorite things about cheer is the people and how much it feels like a team because everyone is so close. To be in cheer takes leadership, responsibility, courage, and kindness.”

As you can see, being a cheerleader takes a lot of work and time. Wylie cheerleaders aren’t just on the sideline cheering for the team but are involved in making the school a better place.