Wylie Football Kicks off the Season


Photo courtesy of Wylie Growl.

Josh Patterson, Staff Writer

As the Wylie Bulldogs enter their 5th season in Class 5A Division 2, a lot has changed for the Dawgs. Not only have they lost some big time opponents but they have also gained a few as they enter a new season. As Lubbock Cooper and Canyon Randall leave the Bulldogs’ district, they have now picked up Lubbock High and rivals Abilene Cooper amongst others.

Coming off of a 4-6 season with no playoff appearance, the Bulldogs were certainly looking to change a few things. One huge change made was a practice switch. Instead of two hours after school when the players are tired and exhausted from the heat, they are now practicing one hour after school and moved the second hour to before school in an attempt to beat the sun and prevent injury.

This season, the Bulldogs kicked off against Abilene High in a scrimmage. The scrimmage consisted of a controlled portion in which each team scored once as well as a red zone section which again each team scored once on. However, in the live quarter scrimmage, the defense on both sides both pitched shut outs ending in a 0-0 tie.

In week 1, the Bulldogs traveled to Brownwood to face off against a familiar opponent. The Lions were first on the board with the Bulldog defense holding them to just a field goal. However, on the next possession, the Wylie offense would drive down and add 7 with a touchdown. The Bulldogs maintained the lead throughout a close game in which the Bulldogs won 30-26.

As week 2 rolled around, the Bulldogs traveled to Lubbock to play their second straight road game against the Monterey Plainsmen. The defense took the field to start off and was quick to get the ball back. When given the opportunity from the defense, the offense capitalized and scored. This pattern would repeat for 2 more drives giving the Bulldogs a 21-0 lead at the half. Explosive players on the offense like Braden Regala and Landry Carlton we’re a huge asset to QB KJ long in his decision making. On the other side of the ball, the defense held the Plainsmen to 0 points all game. In addition to this shut out, the Bulldog defense also created three turnovers including an interception and 2 fumbles. Not only did they create turnovers which helped out the offense tremendously, but they also scored a safety to add an additional 2 points to their lead. This is the defense’s second safety this year, and they have produced 5 takeaways in just the first two weeks.

This week the Bulldogs will host the Lubbock Cooper Pirates in the first game this year at Hugh Sandifer Stadium. The Pirates head into town with a 1-1 record to face off against the 2-0 Bulldogs in their home opener. Both teams have serious talents upfront, especially on the offensive line. The Bulldogs are looking forward to gaining some experience against a big time opponent like the Pirates which they think will help them out heading into district play. The matchup is sure to be a great game and opportunity to move up in the district 5A-11 rankings this week where the Bulldogs currently sit in spot #17.