24hr Musical

Aileigh Wooten, staff writer

Wylie held a production of The Little Mermaid as the 24 hour play this year! Out of the three options, The Little Mermaid, Mama Mia & The Wizard Of Oz, The Little Mermaid was the winner! The cast list was chosen shortly after the play was announced. The Cast consisted of Alyssa Arguijo as Ariel, Talon Hoff as Eric, Alexa Mendoza as Ursula, Case Kirby as King Triton, Mason Kerby as Sebastian, Cris Correa as Grimsby, Kelsie Burleson as Flounder, Daniel Hervey as Chef Louis, and Abel Hicks as Skuttle. The multiple groups that were involved in this production were the mersisters, chefs, princesses, sailors, seagulls, and sea creatures. The cast ended up leaving at 12 AM the night of the announcement and had to be back at 6:45 AM the next day. Tickets were only 5 dollars, and they ended up showing it May 14th, 2022. This show was an amazing production for only being held in 24 hours. The rest of Wylie can’t wait for next year to see the new 24 hour play.