Project Graduaton’s Big Impact

Kolby Corbett, staff writer

For one class at Wylie High School, it is their last- and most important. Graduation is almost upon our seniors, with the ceremony being held on Friday. After this, an event starts afterward that lasts all night and gives out items like money and gifts to the graduates. It is a night for people to enjoy with their class and remember for the rest of their lives. How does a school make all of this work? Well, the school is not quite in charge of the event. This post-graduation celebration is hosted by a program called Project Graduation. 

Project Graduation is an organization designed to create an enjoyable experience for the students, as an alternative to student parties where harmful substances could be present. The program heavily encourages staying away from alcohol or drugs and makes sure the graduates present at the event don’t have any so they can enjoy themselves. Volunteers make up most of the force of Project Graduation, with parents from our own community attending the late-night shifts.

Starting in 1980, Project Graduation was created after a series of teen drug-related deaths in Maine. After becoming a part of the Division of Alcohol and Drug Education Services, the organization spread quickly, reaching all across the country and to Wylie. Students participate in fundraisers like selling candy bars to help raise money for the event every year. 

Without Project Graduation, many deaths wouldn’t have been prevented across the United States. This nonprofit is creating memorable nights for thousands and saving lives- not a bad resume.