Mental Health Checklist

Lila Solecki, staff writer

Mental Health in students isn’t something talked about in general. So with the last week of school, here’s a checklist you can do to help your mental health. Try taking time for yourself, or hanging out with your friends, clean your room, watch your favorite movie. Make sure with this last week of school coming up to remember even if it is hard to get up and go to school, we have just one week left and you matter! Try to get up everyday and go to school even if it’s hard. It won’t be easy at first, but we only have a week left at the end of the year. Try to do your skincare, or journal, work on your grades, or study for finals. Summer is just around the corner, so don’t start summer off feeling bad. I feel like with the last week of school we tend to forget how important school seems to be. So take a deep breath and start the summer right. Drink plenty of water and eat your favorite fruit.