Vase competition

Aileigh Wooten, staff writer

For Mrs. Camp’s art class, there were thirty-five students who entered vase, an art competition to recognize exemplary student achievement in visionary arts. Thirty-three students from Wylie scored a 4, meaning they advanced to regionals. Two scored a 3, which is still “a very impressive score,” said Mrs. Camp. Finally, very proudly, Wylie High school has 9 going to state. Students going to state are Ireland Kelley, Jason Smith, Carly Hale, Emmalee Wilhite, Annabelle Fletcher, Layla Romero, Rachel Sorensen, Joslin Power, and Hanna Niebelski. Vase is not and easy competition, “judges are very detailed and critic every area,” comments Mrs. Camp. ALL that competed should be proud. We are proud to say congrats to those that competed in vase, especially with the scores they scored.