Wylie Powerlifting Wins State


Photo courtesy of Bulldog eBlast

Kolby Corbett, staff writer

It’s powerlifting season at Wylie High School, and records are being set by our students.


What is Powerlifting? Known as “the strongest sport in the world”, it is a weightlifting competition consisting of squatting, bench press, and deadlift. The competitor’s best completed reps add up, and the highest score wins the meet. Age and weight categories are implemented, so anyone that wants to try powerlifting can have a fair chance competing.


Wylie High School has its own powerlifting team, and an extremely talented one at that. The boys’ team won state this year, making it the first Wylie powerlifting team to ever accomplish such a feat. X’zavier Collins, Joel Scott, and Jaxon Lunsford competed and won individual titles for each of their respective weight classes.


Specifically, senior X’zavier Collins has set not one but three state records in the all categories. The mind-boggling weights for the record consist of a 835 pound squat and a 745 pound deadlift. Along with this, Scott set his weight class state record for the best combined weight.


While the season may be over, preparations for next year are already underway, and next season for the Wylie Bulldogs is looking promising. We are proud of these kids and what they have done representing our school.