2022 UIL Academic District Results

Credit from Wylie Bulldog eBlast

Credit from Wylie Bulldog eBlast

Tehzeeb Grewal, Staff Writer

Wylie High School hosted the UIL Academic District Meet and had huge success on March 26, 2022. Sweeping up numerous awards, Wylie was the overall winner by more than 200 points and received first in Speech and second in Journalism. Congratulations to the students listed below who have placed in the following events.


1st Ayden Gertiser

2nd Dillon Muckatira

3rd Vincent Mercado

6th Arnav Garlapati

1st place team


Current Events:

1st Brendan Hurt

4th Jacob Wristen

6th Daniel Duke

1st place team with Mia Dole


Computer Applications:

6th Makenzie Wilson


Copy Edit:

2nd Alicia Correa

6th Snigdha Dasireddy


Computer Science:

1st Nathan Vincent

3rd place team with Ariela Sarabia, Anthony Tovar, and Todd Sorensen


Editorial Writing:

3rd Gracie Hurst

4th Alicia Correa

5th Snigdha Dasireddy


Feature Writing:

2nd Kaitlyn Van Holten

4th Tehzeeb Grewal


Headline Writing:

3rd Kyal Corbett

4th Kolby Corbett

6th Brendan Hurt


Informative Speaking:

1st Brendan H

6th Emily George


Lincoln Douglas Debate:

1st David Deprang

5th Brendan Hurt

6th Conner Krake


Literary Criticism:

1st Dayra Figueroa-Agosto

2nd Alyssa Nicole Ransted

4th Grace Rhodes

1st place team with Gracie Hurst



1st Ayden Gertiser

4th Nathan Weise

6th Arnav Garlapati

2nd place team with Brandon Crowling


Number Sense:

1st Ayden Gertiser

3rd Arnav Garlapati

5th Tim Varghese

6th Nitin Kalla

1st place team


News Writing:

1st Grace Rhodes

5th Kaitlyn Van Holten

6th Tehzeeb Grewal


Persuasive Speaking:

1st Kade Killion

4th Garrett Jones

5th Mia Dole


Poetry Interpretation:

1st Mason Kerby

2nd Carly Hale


Prose Interpretation:

1st Case Kirby

2nd Kyle Page

3rd Adeline Fellona



3rd Ayden Gertiser

5th Carlos Balandran

6th Tim Varghese

Top Physics: Ayden Gertiser

2nd place team


Social Studies:

1st Daniel Duke

2nd Anthony Tovar

3rd Kade Killion

4th Joseph Ratliff

1st place team


Spelling & Vocabulary:

6th Mia Dole

2nd place team with Dhia Gandhi, Alondra Correa, and Aziyah Williams

Overall, Wylie’s outstanding results in district came from the sheer dedication and hard work of the students who put in the effort during and outside of school to practice for their event(s).  Proud of the results, many coaches are excited to see the performances of the ones who have advanced to regionals, which will take place on April 23 at Texas Tech University.