Wylie High School Goes on “Hold”

Garrett Jones, staff writer

On February 16th, 2022, Wylie High School went on “hold” from approximately 9:30 to 9:50. After making the announcement, Mr. Smith insisted that there was no emergency. As it turns out, the reason WHS went on hold was due to a drug search being conducted by the Abilene Police Department. Students were told to leave their backpacks and jackets, and drug dogs were then sent to search the classrooms.

Some students take issue with the principle of random drug searches. They believe they violate their rights and should not be allowed. They believe they have a right to privacy and have these substances as long as they do not use them in school.

Conversely, many students and administrators believe that drugs and other substances are incredibly harmful and assert that the school reserves the right to confiscate these for the safety of its students. 

Despite students’ opinions on the matter, the point of the hold was for the safety of the school. While some students believe these searches go against their rights, the police have the right to search their belongings if they have probable cause. An example of probable cause is a drug dog detecting substances in someone’s bag. So, if a dog were to detect drugs in someone’s bag, the police would have the right to search that person‘s bag. 

After a random drug search, students began to call into question the judgment of the school saying this violates their right to privacy. Others believe this is best for the safety of the school. Whichever side you’re on at the end of the day, the school simply wants to keep us safe, and random drug searches are one way of doing that.