Wylie Swimming Makes a Splash

Aileigh Wooten, staff writer

Swimming is one of Wylie’s extra curricular activities. When asking multiple swimmers, they all told me the team got along quite well, and even added that they hang out outside of school on occasions. Brenden Naps commented, “I swim because it’s a lot of fun, everyone is a good sport, and the competitiveness of the sport makes it a lot of fun. Jared Heidema said, “I went all the way to finals in Regionals. I’m looking forward to getting further next year; my goals are to get under 50 seconds for a 100 meter.” He also threw out how he feels that the coaches and especially the team members are really good friends who push each other to always do everything to the best of their abilities and to follow through. Overall, swim has done exceedingly well throughout their season, setting goals and following through by accomplishing those goals. Along with achieving goals, they have made a friend group, as well as a group of supportive teammates. Personally, I think swimmers deserve a little more credit because they sure do a lot more physical fitness than you would think; maybe this will persuade you to go and watch a meet next season!!!