2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show Review


Kyal Corbett, staff writer

Although you might not even realize it, sometimes the halftime show of the Super Bowl is more iconic than the game itself. You would probably have some trouble thinking of the last few teams to play in the big game, but there is a good chance you have specific memories of halftime performance moments. Katy Perry and her dancing sharks, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars having a dance battle, literally all of Prince’s Super Bowl shows, the list goes on. This year, arguably the greatest lineup of performers ever took the stage and delivered one of the most fun and energetic halftime shows that has been seen in years.

The show began with a short introduction video that depicted Dr. Dre, the head performer, holding the city of Compton in his hands. This was fitting because for the next 15 minutes, not only Compton but all of America would have their eyes glued to their T.V. screen. Dre was then shown live on the stage, which was made to resemble a group of houses connected together. On one roof stood the Dr., and on the other stood the legendary Snoop Dogg. This pair took the viewers back to the early 1990’s, which was when the two rappers ruled the hip-hop scene. And just like that, with a deafening cheer from the audience, the show began. Snoop Dogg started things off with one of his most well-known songs, “The Next Episode”. He danced his way around the roof and eventually made his way over to Dre, who was sitting at a massive mixing table to represent decades of being a producer. The two legends then joined forces and sang Tupac Shakur’s hit “California Love”, which surely was a hit for the Los Angeles Crowd. After finishing their tribute to the state of California, the camera panned down below to reveal a room below, which showed something nobody expected…

A 46-year-old 50 Cent, hanging upside-down and rapping his hit single “In Da Club”. One of the greatest rappers of all time, 50 Cent was not listed as a performer for the evening, and his iconic track took the stadium by storm. After several verses, the hip-hop legend lowered himself down and continued rapping surrounded by a group of dancers. The song ended, the crowd roared, and 50 Cent pointed back up to the roof to reveal the nest performer. Mary J. Blige was next on the lineup, and she went on to deliver the most energetic performance by far. Singing both “Family Affair” and “No More Drama”, the R&B superstar stole the show with her powerful vocals and impressive dancing. After finishing her second song, she fell backwards onto a mat, and while the crowed cheered, the camera moved to a group of men standing on the field behind her.

In the middle of the group stood arguably the greatest rapper of the last twenty years. Kendrick Lamar performed one of his most popular songs “Alright”, and captivated millions. Backed up by multiple dancers in uniform, Lamar did his thing for a little more than a minute, and it was clear his hometown crowd was loving every second of it. After he finished, the camera moved back to the roof to show the legendary Eminem, as he performed his hit “Lose Yourself”. Backed up by Anderson .Paak and Dr. Dre, the iconic rapper was a crowd favorite and had the whole arena singing right along with him. After his memorable performance, Eminem took a knee and Dr. Dre walked over to a nearby piano and began playing “Still D.R.E.”, yet another famous song by the producer. As he was rapping, the entire lineup of performers joined him on the roof, creating one of the most legendary ensembles of artists ever seen. And just like that, the show was over. The 2022 Super Bowl halftime show went on to surpass nearly all expectations and will go down as one of the best performances ever.

Photo courtesy of Google Images