Sophomore of the Year 2022 Scholarship

Tehzeeb Grewal, Staff Writer

The Texas-Oklahoma Kiwanis Foundation is offering the Sophomore of the Year Scholarship to students who have demonstrated leadership qualities. The application for this $600 scholarship is available in the counselors’ office and must be returned in completion on or before March 4, 2022.

The scholarship’s major goal is to recognize and develop leadership potential among high school sophomores. In addition, it’s intended to prepare and support the future generations of civic and corporate leaders of the United States. 

To qualify, sophomores must complete two sections of the application form. In Section I, students simply must fill out the required information requested in the document. They and a parent/guardian must also sign the application. Next, Section II has four components that need to be answered on separate sheets of paper in the requested format. These components are questions about the student’s leadership abilities, membership in organizations, involvement in volunteering, and willingness to learn and share knowledge with others. Lastly, students must ensure they follow the instructions provided because failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Each Kiwanis club within Texas and Oklahoma will nominate one individual to their Divisional Lt. Governor. Then, the Lt. Governor will select a single nominated individual to represent their division and submit the application and essay to the Texas-Oklahoma Foundation. Ultimately, only 20 nominees out of the 37 active divisions in Texas-Oklahoma will be awarded the scholarship. 

In August 2022, winners will be announced at the Texas-Oklahoma District Convention. A representative from the local Kiwanis Club will notify the winners. They will be awarded a personalized plaque and a congratulatory letter that contains the instructions on how to redeem the scholarship after enrolling in a college, university, or technical school.

For more information about the SOTY scholarship, visit the website or contact Mrs. Johnston at the counselors’ office.