Marvel’s Latest Movie Leaves Viewers Wanting More


Joshua Patterson, Staff Writer

Spider Man: No Way Home officially hit the screens on the 17th of December 2021, and, despite the wait, the movie was not one to miss. Since the beginning of the entertainment industry, year after year many Film Teams try and try to make a hit, but this just doesn’t always prove true. However, in rare cases we see a filming company able to repeatedly produce high ranking movies consistently. Marvel Studios, an American film and television company, has astounded audiences once more with their newest Spiderman movie starring Tom Holland. Spiderman: No Way Home is without a doubt not only the number one Spiderman movie of all time, but easily the Number one movie release of 2021.

In the movie, suspense rises as Spiderman’s identity has been released publicly and the once hero, is now being shamed as a villain. However, the problem occurs when Peter Parker, his best friend Ned, and his lover MJ are all trying to get into MIT together to pursue their dreams. At this point in the movie, we see that getting into college is going to be a problem for anybody closely related to Spiderman as his reputation around the city grows worse and worse each day. Peter Parker, trying to be the hero he has always been, gets in contact with Dr. Strange in attempt to make everybody forget he is Spiderman that way his friends can attend college with him. Consequently, when Dr. Strange is going to cast the spell Peter quickly realizes all his friends and family would forget him too. When the spell is stopped to accommodate Peter’s special request, it causes a portal into the multiverse to open. Elements like this bring life to younger audiences as some may directly relate to the struggle of choosing a college fit for you and all of your friends.

Furthermore, with the multi-verse now open for villains from anywhere to enter into planet earth Spiderman has to quickly fix his mistake. However, he is not alone. Marvel uses this opportunity to bring back Ex-Spidermen Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire who brought major attention from the original Spiderman fans. The two have a drastic effect as they bring viewers not only the comedic effect but also the nostalgia of seeing them in the red and blue suit once more. And that’s not all, Marvel did not stop there. They also brought back Ex-Villains of spider man too such as William Dafoe as green goblin and Alfred Molina as Dr. Otto Octavius. As the Spidermen work together along With Peter and his friends, they form a plan to return each villain to his original universe. More great scenes play out as plans are executed and time winds down. Additionally, in the end of the movie, Marvel gives us a great fight scene as we see the three work together eventually being victorious over Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and Electro. Above all, as well as any good movie ends, we are left on an emotional cliff hanger as the original spell is cast, and we see MJ and Ned no longer remember Peter. Surely in fact, this brings sadness to the audiences of all ages and left them feeling deprived of closure for Peter and his friends.

Let’s face it, the movie was without a doubt going to be a hit from the start. Tom Holland has been an excellent actor for Spiderman in the years past and will continue to be for years to come until we are shocked with a new Spiderman. All in All, the film gives the full effect the viewer needs and is very deserving of being #4 in Top Gross Revenue for a movie All Time. I have no doubt in my mind that Marvel studios will continue to create great Spiderman movies for many more years.

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