Theatre One Act

Lila Solecki, staff writer

Wylie One Act Company List has just been posted!! Congrats to everyone who has been selected the Wylie One Act Varsity Company List! Wylie One Act Varsity is doing “A Monster Calls” and Wylie One Act JV will be producing “Wild Strawberries”. Those auditions will be a week before spring break. We will be showing support and hope our theatre community strives to state. The Wylie Company list is as follows; Mason Kerby, Cayd Barnette, Case Kirby, Zach New, Brendan Hurt, Nathanial Griffin, Abel Hicks, Larry Smiley, Kyle Page, Carly Hale, Meg Seiwert, Delaney Samulde, Avery Nelson, Sheridan Johnson, Calli Andrews, Adeline Fellona, Abbie Bulls, Ashlynn Jenkins, Cris Correa, Talon Hoff, Jailyn Smith, Kelsie Burleson, Ashlyn Chandler, and Carly Buck. Congrats to everyone who made company; we are supporting with love and so excited to see everyone perform!! Stay tuned for JV!!