The Joys of Christmas


Allison McCall, staff writer

I asked 24 people what they love most about Christmas, and this is what they said.


“Christmas treees” (Brother)


“The SMELLS! Bayberry candles, cinnamon-like spices, and the pine smell of a real Christmas tree.” (Relative/artist)


“I love experiencing the magic of Christmas through someone else. Whether it be Christmas lights in my children’s eyes, or watching an older lady at church identify with 13 year old Mary Mother of Jesus in a new way, it’s all magic.” (Minister)


“Decorating and driving around and looking at lights” (Friend)


“Christmas is just a fun time to be able to inspire myself through the simple joys of the season, such as everyone’s emotions over the holidays, the wonderful weather outside, and to say it simply, the way we interact over Christmas.”(Friend/artist)


“Coming together and CANDLE LIGHT CHURCH!” (Athlete)


“My favorite part of Christmas is decorating my house with my family. It is such a fun tradition, and we always sing and dance to Christmas music while we do it.” (Worship leader)


“Family time spent loving and laughing with each other, while also giving thanks to God for His greatest gift! 😊” (Coach)


“I love the smell of the Christmas tree whenever you turn on the lights for the first time, and you can smell the ozone coming from it😅” (Business owner)


“Christmas is the time that brings families together. I get to watch everyone grow older and new family members added throughout the years.” (Cousin)


“I love getting together as a family and being with family.” (Musician)


“Christmas cookies with lots of icing!  And Christmas cookie ice cream. I also love the memories of the excitement of Christmas Eve, and waking up early on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought and to open presents.” (Dad)


“I have found I love it most when I recognize advent first, and wait for the Hope of Christmas. When it finally comes, I more fully experience the Hope and a renewed love for journeys.” (Mentor)


“Hallmark movies” (Family friend)


“I love the joy that comes from the Christmas season, especially when it comes to remembering the birth of Jesus and spending extra time with family. Between the music, Christmas lights, loved ones and more, Christmas is the epitome of joy for me.” (Cousin)


“Going to Disney World and seeing all of the decorations!” (Friend)


“The special time we celebrate Jesus’ birth.  Time spent with family, delicious food, Christmas decorations-movies-songs & presents and giving to others.” (Grandma)


“The simple joys of Christmas can sometimes be overlooked, but I think the most important aspect is remembering the joy comes in moments you least expect.  As for me, the simple joys come from the time spent with friends and family during the holidays.  It’s important to remember to slow down and be present in the moment with the people you are with.  Whether it is baking and decorating cookies, snuggling up with your family to watch a beloved Christmas classic, or hearing the laughter and fun of games played around a table, those are the moments that create the simple joys in life that create the most valuable memories and last a lifetime.” (Teacher)


“I love watching Disney’s Christmas Carol and Goofy’s Art of Skiing with my family.” (Mom)


“How we all come together to collectively celebrate the birth of our savior, though the true meaning sometimes gets lost within earthy materials.” (Friend)


“Every Christmas I’m reminded of all the past Christmases I’ve celebrated and the people I’ve celebrated with. The food, the songs, and the memories are all my favorite part.” (Preacher/friend)


“My favorite things are being with family, decorating and going on drives at night to see Christmas lights.” (Cousin)


“I get to go to Missouri to see my favorite cousin!” (Friend)


“Watching someone open a gift that I carefully and thoughtfully picked out for them. (Relative)


Christmas is all about JOY. If you weren’t feeling any holiday spirit, I hope this article reminded you of the beauty of Christmas time, and all the love that surrounds the holidays. Merry Christmas from The Wylie Paw Print!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.