E-newspaper vs paper newspaper


Snigdha Dasireddy, staff writer

In recent years, Wylie High School has switched from the conventional newspaper to an e-newspaper. This change was inevitable, but was it truly beneficial? Having taken into account various aspects such as cost, efficiency, and ease of access, one is able to determine whether or not the switch was really worth it.

A paper newspaper was extremely parasitic cost-wise. The Paw Print had put a rather excessive amount of money into production, but having made little profit in return, it benefited remarkably from switching to an e-newspaper. This resulted in The Paw Print reducing costs and manual labor significantly. That being said, the profits have also decreased crucially as an e-news paper grants free access resulting in little to no surplus. 

A paper newsletter was extremely less effective than an e-newsletter. The process of spending multiple hours separating, stapling, and delivering a paper newspaper could have been spent doing more efficient tasks like researching or writing articles. An e-newspaper also relieves our director – Mrs. Gilreath – of the exhausting duties associated with a paper newspaper, such as delivering rough drafts and picking up final prints.  

While one may argue that an e-newspaper is easier to access, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Many of the elderly are still adjusting to new technologies and seem to struggle adapting to things such as e-newspapers. Conversely, the young are capable of reading a physical newspaper delivered to their front doors. In this instance, a classic newspaper is better.

In conclusion, while a traditional newspaper did have its perks, Wylie’s Paw Print has benefited overall from the conversion to an electronic newspaper. As the world is slowly adapting to new technological developments, The Paw Print is too, keeping up with the times and the news.

Photo credit: U.S. Education Resource Centre Test Preparation