Wylie Pure Gold Band’s Winter Season

Kolby Corbett, staff writer

The Wylie Pure Gold Band is done with marching at football games, but they are not done performing. 


The band is switching from marching at halftime at football games to playing at concerts and December 3rd’s Christmas Drive- Through. The drive through had many different groups of players playing Christmas music for anyone that wanted to hear it- all for free. Students dressed festively for their special holiday performance. Hours behind the scenes were spent rehearsing to make their show as entertaining as possible for their audience.


Along with all of the preparation for this outside performance, the music moves inside Wylie’s Performing Arts Center on December 13. The band will then be all together to perform- again for free- intricate, complex Christmas pieces that require serious dedication and skill to perform. 


While the high school band does all of this, the Middle Schools have band concerts of their own. Wylie West Junior High has their performance on December 7, while the East has theirs on the 9th. These bands work on these all year and are happy to have people of all ages to witness them.


Along with the bands making music, they are also raising money for Andrews High School, whose band director passed away in a bus accident recently. 


The Wylie Pure Gold Band’s hard work will not go unrecognized, and we wish good luck to their future endeavors.