Wylie High School’s Production of Seussical


Kaitlyn Van Holten, staff writer

Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing Seussical at the Wylie performing arts center. At first glance, the play seems childish but as I watched, the story had a deeper meaning. As I walked in, I saw the beautiful set that truly immersed the audience into Whoville. The play incorporates elements of many stories that Dr. Seuss wrote that include the following: Horton Hears a Who, The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and The Lorax. At the play’s start, the Cat in the Hat guides JoJo throughout the stories of Dr. Seuss. JoJo becomes one of the characters and experiences internal and external struggles amongst The Who’s. As many other problems arise, through teamwork, in both worlds, the characters were able to solve every problem that came their way. Seussical captured Dr. Seuss’s stories through musical delight. Every tale told correlated with the original tale without being exact to the story. The production also did a splendid job blending all the elements of the stories. Not only did the play represent many of Dr. Seuss’s stories, but the production also sent a meaningful message. The play reiterated the phrases  “A person’s a person no matter how small,” and “anything’s possible,” which are great messages to spread. Now regarding placement of the characters, I found it to be very creative, making use of the side ramps up to the stage. This play was not only creative and fun but also the characters would interact with the audience throughout certain scenes. It was a small thing like the Cat in the Hat running around giving high fives and hunters in the aisles hunting Horton that made this play extraordinary. This production of the Seussical left the audience with something to remember. No matter how small or tall, or the role someone plays, everyone is significant.

Photo courtesy of Wylie Sports.