Boo at the Hugh’s Mark

McKenzie Mcelyea, staff writer

Last year, the band hosted an event to celebrate not only Halloween, but the musicianship of all three of their bands. Well, this fun new tradition is here to stay! This year, the “Boo at the Hugh” event was hosted on October 30th. It featured both East and West Junior Highs’ bands, alongside our very own Pure Gold Band and was an absolute blast. However, it’s not all fun and games.

The performance actually served as an inspiration of sorts, and it gave each of the younger bands an opportunity to get a feel for the high school band experience. Cannyn, a 7th grade oboist at West says that she enjoyed the experience, as it was her first time performing with the high school. “It was kind of scary, but it was really fun,” she says, “it’s kind of fun knowing that I’m going to be in there in a few years.”

“Tonight was probably one of the best concerts I’ve had,” Evelyn, a trombonist in 8th grade at East agrees. She too says she plans to continue band on into high school and perhaps even beyond that.

Even the high schoolers had a great time playing with their younger counterparts. Before the event began, the older band members were running across the field, back and forth to each band, just for a chance to meet some of the young musicians they will be playing with soon. In both the East and West bands, high schoolers of all ages were interspersed: talking to their soon-to-be classmates, boosting the overall morale, and greeting old friends.

After the performance (which everyone rocked), everyone flocked to the parking lot, for a trunk-or-treat just outside. Some of our band parents and students had set up and planned the “afterparty” of sorts with band president Zach New, and it served as a way for everyone in each band to hang out and get to know each other in a setting outside of band.

Overall, the whole event was a success and has left an impact on those involved. Each of the three bands are extremely excited and are looking forward to the years to come! We’re so glad to see a new, fun tradition added to the band’s roster!