Highlights of the Wylie Fall Tennis Season

Highlights of the Wylie Fall Tennis Season

Tehzeeb Grewal, Staff Writer

Wylie’s tennis team had undoubtedly a great fall season this year. Ranked 2nd in the state, the Bulldogs have swept up many victories throughout the season. Our Bulldogs also put a lot of hard work and dedication into making many highlights. These major highlights include acclaiming the District 4-5A title and earning silver in the UIL 5A state finals.

On October 2, 2021, the Bulldogs played against Lubbock High to win the District 4-5A title. It was a tough match against Lubbock High, but Wylie ended up winning 14-5 against them. Our team was up 6-1 after doubles, and the girls picked up in singles, which helped in acclaiming the win. “It was not an easy district to play against as it was truly a team effort,” stated Coach Hathorn. He also added that the team’s dedication to the sport is shown through how much they practice. The team takes up a lot of their summers to improve upon their skills. 

Makeda Marquardt and Vincent Mercado also shared some comments about the win and general tennis. Makeda noted one the highlights of her match was playing doubles with her partner, Truleigh Conover. They were in a third set tiebreaker, which was very nerve-racking for them. However, they still ended up winning. Vincent also stated he didn’t play his best this match, but he noticed where he needed to improve upon for the season. They are both very happy for their team to pull through and earn the title. Additionally, they also talked about how the team has connected and became more like a family to them. Overall, earning the title was a great way to start the season.

The team did very well as they have returned to state after two years of Amarillo High beating them in the playoffs. However, the Bulldogs overcame the challenge in a 10-8 victory. They later went on to win the Region I-5A final by beating Canyon Randall 10-3, which advanced them to the Class 5A state tournament. They took on Georgetown with a 10-0 victory at the Class 5A state semifinal. Finally, the team received second place in the state finals after losing 2-10 to Highland Park. Even though they didn’t earn first place, the Bulldogs showed tremendous determination, effort, and dedication throughout the playoffs. 

The Bulldogs have had a great season with many outstanding accomplishments being achieved. The team has a season record of 34-2. Coach Hathorn had been filling the team’s schedule with matches against other teams starting from late July to help prepare them for the playoffs in October. Each member of the varsity team had put a lot of effort in the beginning of the season to make it possible for them to advance to the state finals. Essentially, the team has sparked a great tone throughout this season and will continue to do great things in the spring.

Photo Credit: Abilene Wylie High School Tennis Facebook Page
Information provided by Abilene Reporter-News