Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Snigdha Dasireddy, staff writer

For many people, October is known for its Halloween festivities. However, a lot of people don’t realize that October is breast cancer awareness month. First begun in 1985 by the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, it is a time bringing awareness to an issue troubling 1 in every 8 females. Early detection is crucial as a cure is yet to be found for breast cancer. Spreading the news can help people recognize symptoms, thus, providing them with a higher chance of survival. 

Breast cancer一initially一is an abnormal growth of cells starting at the breast(s). It is extremely fatal due to the fact that cancer is so quick to spread, and in this case it can reach the heart very quickly. Of course, there is an array of treatments for this, some of which include: chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, and surgery. Breast cancer also carries many myths. For example, the myth that breast cancer does not affect males. While the risk is significantly lower in males, breast cancer still affects every 410 out of 2190 men yearly. 

The journey one takes with breast cancer is never easy. From diagnosis all the way through recovery, it is a constant battle. The National Breast Cancer Foundation is there to help people all around the world to fight breast cancer.  “Having a patient navigator really helps people get the treatment they need that they can’t afford. Like me – I couldn’t afford it. Without the navigator, I wouldn’t have been able to do it,” said Shalindriaa breast cancer survivor supported by the N.B.C.F. By providing support and financial aid, the N.B.C.F has helped millions defeat breast cancer. 

Without love, support, and help, battling breast cancer would be so much more difficult than it already is. Thus, we should continue to do our best to help people have a higher chance of survival. Wylie High school hosted a Pink Out spirit day on October 14 to help spread awareness. Wear pink and help show support to those who have and are currently battling breast cancer. 

Photo credit: KTX Today

Information from: National Breast Cancer Foundation. INC