Spanish Heritage tradition – Día de la Raza


Kaitlyn, Staff Writer

Today on October 12, many Latin and Spanish-speaking countries celebrate Día de la Raza (Race Day). This day is about celebrating the heritage, colonization, and cultural diversity of Latin America. Día De La Raza traditions include parades, bullfights, dances, fiestas, and of course FOOD. Traditional foods made on this day are Tamales and Trinidad pastille. So why is this day on Columbus day? Well, on October 12,1492 Christopher Columbus changed the world forever by stepping foot on the new world, marking the first encounter between the Europeans and America. Many other trips were organized by the Spanish Crown, but Américo Vespucio realized a new continent was discovered  while charting the northern coast of South America. The combination of cultures created a continent of mixed races and a new culture. Now the day is celebrated during Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 ‒ October 15)

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