Indoor Pep Rallies are Back!


McKenzie McElyea, staff writer

We all love pep rallies, but let’s be real: last year’s rallies were… mediocre at best. With uncontrollable weather and scheduling issues, they were a little rough around the edges, a little lacking in the spirit department. So, I’d say it’s pretty safe to assume that we are all glad to be back indoors!

Pep rally MC Mason Kerby agrees, saying that “the pep rallies last year were as good as they could be, but there were a lot of challenges,” and indeed there were. After discussing with several students who attended the pep rallies, it was noted by multiple people that activities such as the band’s performance, the games, and other presentations from the belles or cheerleaders were difficult to understand, or even hear in some cases.

But now, we get to be inside! Having these indoor pep rallies comes with many benefits. First of all, the sheer volume of everything going on supplies the majority of the excitement and energy. The student sections on either side of the gym both erupt with cheers and hollers in support of all of our teams and groups that have worked hard to keep our spirits high. When the fight song plays, and the football team walks in, everyone goes wild. That wild energy is exactly what we need to keep our school spirit high. It’s what separates us from the other schools, and as Mason puts it, “our school spirit is awesome, and we’re very positive.” Our pep rallies always seem to fill everyone with such exhilaration, that the energy continues throughout the day until that evening, when the stadium is packed with people enthusiastically anticipating an awesome game, despite a win or loss.

Well, pep rallies sure are exciting, and with all the hard work that goes into making them ‘peppy,’ it’s certainly not hard to see why they’re so much fun. So, let’s all say a big thank you to all of our staff and those who help make our Fridays fun!