Wylie MEDLIFE is heading to Peru!


Snigdha Dasireddy, Staff

Wylie MEDLIFE is a student run organization especially made to help low income families around the world. It is mostly, but not wholly, composed of students interested in the medical field. They do a variety of things including volunteering at local organizations–such as the local food bank- to help distribute food and raise money for those in need. The current MEDLIFE officers include David DePrang, Favour Bizima, Dillion Muckatira, Snigdha Dasireddy, Jesslyn Wright, and Meg Siewart along with Mrs. Lang as MEDLIFE’s teacher advisor and Martha Kennedy as their chapter director. 

MEDLIFE first began in 2005 with Nick Ellis. Nick – while volunteering in Ecuador- encountered a young boy, by the name of Darwin, who was in dire need of heart surgery. Darwin, being only a child, couldn’t afford the surgery, so Nick started fundraising. Finally, he raised enough money to enable Darwin to have the surgery. Thus, Darwin became the first MEDLIFE recipient. Today, MEDLIFE is a global organization hosted in many schools providing volunteer and travel opportunities to students who seek to help. An example of these students are Wylie’s own MEDLIFE chapter who will soon be traveling to Peru!

 The SLT (Service Learning Trip) is a week of volunteering in Lima, Peru. While many may be hesitant to go on the SLT because of the price (estimated to about $1190 for general members), there are ways of making the cost more affordable (fundraising and increasing membership status). “It was very eye opening to see how other people live around the world, and it made me appreciate the fact that I’m able to have easy access to healthcare and service where I live,” said Maya Muckatira, previous Wylie MEDLIFE chapter vice president. Being able to help so many people and learn about a different culture isn’t an opportunity one is presented with daily. The SLT provides this chance and is truly a can’t miss experience.

MEDLIFE provides an amazing opportunity for all students, not just those interested in the medical field. They meet every other Thursday in Mrs. Lang’s room (room 412) during morning tutorials. For students interested in the Service Learning Trip, an informational meeting will be held. Join MEDLIFE today! Make a change for the better!