2021 Wylie Fall Sports Uniform Ranking

2021 Wylie Fall Sports Uniform Ranking

Kyal Corbett, staff writer

Sports are back at Wylie High School, and that means seeing our favorite athletes suiting up in their uniforms every week. While a jersey may be insignificant to some, a team’s uniform can play a large role in  its identity. For this fall athletic season I have decided to rank five of our team’s uniforms to see where they stack up against each other. Teams that compete the entire year, such as tennis and golf, will be included in the spring edition of the uniform ranking. All photos are courtesy of The Abilene Reporter News.

5. Volleyball

Starting off the list is the Wylie volleyball uniforms. They are vary sharp in design and are all black (except for the captain’s jerseys, which are white) with a purple lettering on the front. Each player also has her number in bold white numbers underneath the lettering. These uniforms are simple but eye-catching and instantly recognizable.

4. Cross Country

Cross country is, quite frankly, not as much of a spectator sport as some of the others on this list. That being said, Wylie’s cross country team boasts a set of brand new, all black uniforms that make a statement to say the least. Cross country uniforms usually are not much to look at. They are usually very simple and bland, which is thankfully not the case for these uniforms. The golden letters spelling out Wylie on the chest perfectly compliment the all black background, and light accents of purple only add to the sleek nature of this uniform. No pictures were available for this uniform.

3. Boy’s Basketball

Wylie’s varsity boys basketball team have arguably the best color scheme out of all of the uniforms on this list. There are large amounts of purple and gold everywhere you look on this jersey, which isn’t usually seen on a home uniform. The sharp, angular look of this jersey is another reason they cracked the top three, although the odd neck design kept it from being even higher. That being said, this is one of the best basketball uniforms in Abilene without a doubt.

2. Girl’s Basketball

These uniforms are a perfect example of the fact that sometimes, less is more. These sharp Nike jerseys have a minimalistic design, but it works in this case. The purple W on the side of the shorts matches exactly with the purple section on the shoulders as well as the numbers on the front and back of the uniform. It even matches with the purple trim on bottom of the shorts. Long story short, there is nothing that is really wrong with this uniform, and the fact that it consistently pays homage to Wylie’s original school colors of purple and gold only adds to its greatness. A very solid uniform at the two spot.


1. Football

When you think about Wylie athletics, these are the uniforms you think about. The Bulldogs got brand new, updated jerseys for this 2021 season, and they are as close to perfection as you can get. The home uniforms are all white, besides the dark purple helmet which features a W and the iconic Bulldog. The purple letters featured on the jersey match perfectly with the black and purple accents that appear on the top and bottom of the uniform. The fact that it is all white also helps it to pop on the field, and there is no mistaking where the Bulldogs are when they are on the field. The away uniforms on the other hand are a deep purple all over and feature the same white/black accents that appeared on the home version. The away jerseys feature the same helmet, so the uniform is literally all purple. While it may be a loud jersey, it is iconic, and when used, you have no doubt about who you’re watching.