Senior College Choices Spotlight


Emma Groves, Staff Writer

With the school year coming to an end, the Wylie seniors have made their college decisions (for the most part) and are ready for what’s next. From living senior year through a pandemic, to figuring out AP tests and SATs and ACTs, to just surviving senioritis, the seniors have been through a lot this year. That being said, some seniors in particular have made some interesting and exciting college decisions!

Kole Trumble will be attending Texas Tech University to study Computer Engineering. He chose this because he’s “always been interested in computers and technology.”

Bonnie Horn will be attending The University of Texas to study Film. She was one of a select few to get into their program there.  “I’ve always loved movies and TV series,” said Horn, “and I hope to write my own someday.”

Josh Hervey will be attending Abilene Christian University to study Design/Technical Theater. He chose this university because he believes it to be “the best place” to grow as a design technician.

Hillary Haywood will be attending Hardin Simmons University to become a pediatrician. While she debated on her college choice for awhile, she ultimately chose HSU for its “homey” feel and it’s high passing rate for the MCAT exam she will have to take.

Emma Horn will be attending Abilene Christian University to study Political Science and Criminal Justice. She hopes to one day become a lawyer or work in the FBI.

Dylan Osborn will be attending Cisco College to study something in the agricultural field. Osborn says chose this college because “it was cheap.”

Many other seniors will be graduating this year with other amazing college choices. These are just a few of Wylie’s newest legacies.