Feeling Green? It Might Just Be St. Patrick’s Day!


Mychele DeLauney, Staff writer

    March 17th is the greenest day in March and the anniversary of Saint Patrick’s death back in the 15th century. Saint Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland and it’s national apostle, who is said to have used the three leaves of the native Irish clover, known as the shamrock, to teach about the Holy Trinity. This legend of the shamrock can explain the seemingly random color theme that surrounds the holiday. So, what better way to celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day than cooking up some traditional and sweet, green desserts and dishes? 

    Starting off the list strong is the traditional Grandma McAndrew’s Irish Soda Bread.

Grandma McAndrews Irish soda bread

Soda bread is a delicious quickbread and a traditional Irish confection perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s day and sharing with family and friends. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/213832/grandma-mcandrews-irish-soda-bread/

Another great traditional Irish dish is fried Irish cabbage with bacon.

Fried Irish cabbage with bacon

This dish consists of exactly what it sounds like: cabbage and bacon. It would surely be the star of any potluck or even the family dinner table. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/220584/fried-irish-cabbage-with-bacon/

    Moving into the world of sugar and spice, Grandma Mottle’s Blarney Stones steal the spotlight.

Grandma Mottles blarney stones

This dessert is basically a cube of pound cake, store bought or made from scratch, dipped in frosting and covered in peanuts. Who could say no? https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/236383/grandma-mottles-blarney-stones/

Finally, the sweet, green dessert you’ve been looking for: “Luck of the Irish” Cake.

Luck of the Irish cake






If St. Patrick’s day had a flavor, it would taste just like this pistachio cake. This recipe is insanely simple to make and super festive! https://www.mrfood.com/Cakes/luck-of-the-irish-cake

    If these amazing recipes still don’t seem like enough to make the 17th as green and festive as possible, don’t be afraid to throw in some green food dye into everyday meals and snacks. Green pancakes, waffles, cereal milk, eggs, the possibilities are endless. However, be sure to give some of these fantastic recipes a try and enjoy all the shamrocks and shenanigans that St. Patrick’s Day has to offer!