Beautifying the Bathrooms


Bonnie Horn, Staff Writer

This year, you may have noticed the new paint job on the bathroom stalls. That’s because currently, our S2S is in competition with hundreds of other Student to Student programs across the country to beautify our school and make it the best place to be! Wylie’s S2S met up and decided that the perfect way to take our school to the next level was to give the bathroom an update, complete with brand new locks and inspirational quotes guaranteed to brighten your day. Over several weekends, many of our members have gone up to the school and taken the time to hand paint all of the colorful drawings and quotes you see on the stalls. S2S hopes you love the new look just as much as they do and that the positive messages across the doors bring a big smile to your face. 


    Students painting the stalls


    Emy Pablico painting a beautiful mural


   Dominique Douglas sketching a quote