Auras: History and Facts


Picture of an aura, courtesy of Google images

Emma Groves, Staff Writer

As humans, we are all made up energy and auras, or electromagnetic fields around our bodies. This has been proven as there are tiny electrical impulses within our bodies that result in the formation of a magnetic field around our body that is also known as an aura. However, just like an aura is around our human body, it also surrounds every object and being in the universe as everything in the universe is made up of similar constituted particles such as protons, electrons, and neutrons. This means that everything has an aura.

The history of auras goes far back into the past as different tribes painted it on cave walls and garments. Artists of all different ages have shown the aura as a radiant shining ray of lights around a plant, human being, or object. It is thought that long ago people were able to see auras with the naked eye as it has been depicted in historical art that advanced spiritual people such as Buddha, Christ, and their intermediate students are painted with golden halos around their heads that could resemble the aura that comes from each person. In Australia, you can also find prehistoric cave paintings with people having a golden halo around their heads as well.

The interesting thing is that this information that can be perceived by sensitive psychic people has actually been proven scientifically. In the last few years, modern scientists can measure the aura as an electromagnetic field around living creatures. In scientific research, we have found that the aura extends all the way around your body by four or five feet approximately at an average healthy point. However, another interesting thing has been found is that if an aura appears to be depleted, it means that person or object is unwell or unhealthy. A person who is healthy at his physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels appears to have a bigger and brighter aura, so from this we can conclude that the aura of a person is directly linked to the health of a person.

We all have different layers in our aura which some people like to call subtle bodies. In these subtle bodies, we have our physical body, our emotional body, our mental body, our spiritual body and our strong body. The physical body is as you imagine: It contains all the physical organs and our nervous system. These organs and system are the physical building blocks for our physical existence as these organs carry out the necessary function of our bodies. In our second layer of the body, we have the emotional body where we store up our emotional responses such as love, hatred, jealousy, loneliness, sadness, and all the emotional feelings. In the third layer of the aura is your mental body, where we store all of our past experiences, beliefs, and memories. Our conscious mind usually operates on this level as it continuously analyzes situations by using our beliefs in this store of our belief system, memories, and past experiences which it then uses to ultimately accept or reject a situation. The fourth layer of our aura is the spiritual body where we have a store of information of our past, present, and future experiences. This is the layer of your aura which also stores the information about your karma. Then the fifth layer of your aura, which is sometimes known as the Esterich body, is the Thera copy of our physical body. Just like we have a heart, lungs, and kidneys, we also have the same amount of organs in our Esterich body except it doesn’t exist in our physical form but rather exists in a form of subtle energy. So if the physical organ is removed from the body, the energy imprint is always there in the Esterich body. One theory suggests that most of the healing that is intended to be done in your physical body first has to be received and done to your Esterich body in the intended parts and then the new information or energy will leave a print that is sent down to your physical body.

In summary, our aura is made of five subtle bodies, but we are only able to see the first physical layer with our own eyes because it vibrates at a much lower vibrational rate. On the other hand, our other four bodies are actually able to be seen with special equipment as it vibrates on a higher rate. This has been done before and the research was able to capture the subtle energy field using electronic instruments. It was first started by a Russian scientist when he accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a source of high-voltage, the small corona discharges create an image. It was also found that the objects that are not alive do not change the parameters of their aura more than 2%.

Your aura is often seen as a mix of colors where each color defines its own individual nature and characteristics. These colors give us information about the emotions, thoughts, and abilities in the vital energies of the person from which the aura is coming from. Your aura color can thus change straight away in correlation to your thoughts and actions. A major series of experiments done by a team of scientists in St. Petersburg, Russia demonstrates that the aura of the human body continues to change for almost exactly 72 hours after clinical death. An aura is normally perceived as an oval shaped area around the person that normally has some kind of glossy finish to it. Due to the fact that each aura is unique, you can basically say that our aura is our spiritual signature. Each color that is seen in an aura has its own meanings that reflect that heart and intentions of the person from which it is from.

In synopsis, while auras have typically been disregarded as popular folklore or spiritual beliefs, it has been scientifically proven that each person, being or object, does indeed have its own aura. Through more research on color meanings, you can find out what your own aura signature may be and through self reflection, you can check the balance of your aura and ascertain a healthier and brighter aura.