It’s NOW the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Bonnie Horn, Staff Writer

So you’ve done it. You bought a costume that you’ll probably never wear again, sprained your ankle thanks to Spooky Scary Skeletons, ate an obscene amount of candy corn, and snapped to the beat every time you heard the Addams Family Jingle on the radio. Don’t get me wrong, Halloween is a marvelous time, and it deserves respect, but November 1st marks the time to deck the halls, ruin your credit score, and have yourself a merry little Christmas! The fact is it’s NEVER too early to start celebrating Christmas despite the fact that technically the next major holiday is Thanksgiving, and the sooner you accept this fact, the sooner November becomes the most wonderful time of the year for you!  



Have you ever heard of Thanksgiving music? Unless you count the “Its Thanksgiving” song by Nicole Westbrook (which hopefully you do not) Thanksgiving-related music does not exist! Everyone likes to listen to heartwarming, gleeful music around the holiday season, and Christmas music provides just that! Think about it: Car rides become more enjoyable when you’re blasting “Jingle Bells” and looking at Christmas lights! The incredibly long deep cleaning you have to do when you sadly have to throw your pumpkins away and remove the dozens of fall leaves you put around your staircase to look like a beautiful fall tornado(because this is absolutely a completely normal Halloween decor idea and you can’t change my mind) becomes a happy time when the lyrics to “It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas” is on repeat! 



DECORATIONS! November is the perfect time to pack up all your Halloween decorations and make the switch to Christmas! This boring month where all you can think about is hanging ornaments on your tree and wrapping garland in the most random places of your house becomes a million times more magical when you can have all your festive stuff up not one month, but TWO! Now, if you are one of those people who has Thanksgiving “decorations” let me ask you this. Would you rather have a giant turkey stuffed animal on your couch, or a Santa Claus? A bunch of random acorns and leaves thrown on your shelves, or a cute elf? Is a cornucopia really better than a stocking filled with goodies? Hopefully, the three Christmas Spirits have visited, and you’ve decided that Christmas decorations are the way to go this November.



With the exception of playing football and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade (which I’m pretty sure most of us can’t sit all the way through that) Christmas has several fun traditions that you can start doing now! Because we live in Texas, I’m going to throw out any snow-related things because let’s face it, we’d be lucky to even get snow this December, but you can go driving around and looking at Christmas lights, decorate the tree, and make a gingerbread house among other things! Plus, going ahead and shopping with family this November is a great way to get a head start on discounted gifts before you develop temporary blindness when looking at price tags. 



Now…I have a feeling this is where I will lose most of you. Let’s talk about food and why Thanksgiving can’t possibly compete with Christmas when it comes to that. Yes, I know that the concept of stuffing your face for 24 hours is magical, and I love it just as much as you do, but Christmas food has way more possibilities, and the fact that you can eat candy canes, gingerbread men, and any and all Starbucks festive food pretty much all month long without judgment can’t be ignored. Plus, turkey and pumpkin pie is kind of a let down compared to Santa pancakes and fudge. Finally, have you ever heard of a “Thanksgiving drink” because I sure haven’t! Meanwhile, Christmas has dozens of options such as hot cocoa, eggnog, and peppermint mochas! As I said, I’m pretty sure this is where most of you will disagree with me, so I’m going to change the subject before you quit reading. Moving on to the next reason! 


The fact is, besides A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, there are no other Thanksgiving-related movies worth watching. Meanwhile, Christmas has an abundant amount of movies that will fill you with the holiday spirit the moment you click play. Nothing’s better than watching the Grinch’s heart grow three sizes, Kevin outdo The Wet Bandits, or that epic dance battle scene between the Miser Brothers (if you haven’t seen A Miser Brother’s Christmas, I highly recommend doing so as soon as possible). Pretty much the only Christmas movie that you should avoid at all costs is a Christmas Story because that movie is honestly terrifying and “You’ll shoot your eye out!” still haunts me to this day. So grab the remote, a blanket, and allow yourself to feel the Christmas spirit in November!


Disclaimer: I am not saying that Thanksgiving shouldn’t be celebrated. I love Thanksgiving and am really looking forward to the week off that we get this year, but to me, nothing beats that warm special feeling you get when Christmas comes to town, so let’s make it earlier!

Merry Christmas everyone!