Home Buddies


Elise Grimland, Staff Writer

Since we all have been sheltering at home for a while now, we have spent a ridiculous amount of time with our families and pets. This closeness has made pets that much more important in our daily lives.  Your pet will always love you unconditionally and be thrilled to hang out with you.  Your puppy or kitty is probably so happy that you are home all day so they can enjoy all the extra belly rubs, treats, and entertainment now that you are home. This article is a highlight of all of our favorite pets who are making life at home much more enjoyable!


This is my dog Maggie. She is a rescue pup and loves going camping! She loves mud, lakes, bugs, and shiny things! She spends her days sleeping, eating, and chasing butterflies until she’s exhausted. She loves a good belly rub and is terrified of leaf blowers and construction workers.

Owner: Me



“This is Knight and he is a chaweennie who likes to do almost nothing the entire day. One of his many nicknames is Sausage Dog because that is how he is shaped. He is only 2 years old but looks 30.”

Owner: Josh H. 


Thriller and Billie Jean

“This is Thriller and Billie Jean, both are very different cats. Thriller, ironically, is afraid of every single thing and Billie is very curious and loves people. Even though Billie being my favorite is probably the obvious answer, I love both equally for their own unique personalities. One day, hopefully Thriller will love me too!

Owner: Emma H.



This is Mollie, and she is an 8 month old dachshund. She is precious and likes to cuddle up and sleep almost anywhere!  She hates baths and is terrified of pools. When she drinks out of her water bowl, she gets the ends of her ears wet and doesn’t even notice.

Owner: Kole T.



This is Butterball, and she is a mess… as you can see. But we love her anyway! She is a golden retriever and is 77 years old in dog years!

Owner: Emma G.



This is Finn, and he is named after Huckleberry Finn!

When he meets new people, he runs laps to show off.

Owner: Emma G.



This is Ollie and he is a 6 month old Mini Australian Shepard. He’s still a puppy, but when he’s whining, he automatically stops if you call Finn’s name! You can follow him @ollies.big.world on instagram for more cuteness!

Owner: London G.



“Tulip is [Melia’s] sister’s dog and she is so sweet. She is a bit of a spaz and we love it! She likes to chase her tail, and she sleeps in crazy positions.” Her instagram is tips.from.tulip and she is adorable!

Owner: Kathlyn M.



This is Double-Stuff and she is 2 years old. She loves climbing the pillars in the living room, napping, playing with loud toys, and being in everyone’s personal space!

Owner: Jordan H.



“Finch Gilreath (full name is Atticus Finch Gilreath)- lives for walks, treats, and quarantining 🤪with family. He wants to be everyone’s best friend and loves car rides especially to little league games!”

Owner: Mrs. Gilreath



“This is Foxy Ellis. She’s had two past homes who weren’t all that great to her, but now after 7 years in the Ellis household, she’s the happiest dog you’ll meet! She enjoys shedding on every article of clothing that you own and chasing after possums that could take her down.”

Owner: Courtney E.


“Scruffles is an old lady, and she prefers to spend her days sleeping; however, she loves playing with her toys, Bunny and Lionel. Scruffles also likes long walks and  cuddles. She’s very soft and loving and is always, always open to a good belly rub. Although her given name is Scruffles, she goes by Scruffs, Waffles, and practically anything said with a baby voice or starts with an ‘s’.”

Owner: Emy P.



Thank you to everyone that sent in pictures and descriptions of their pets!