Earth Day 2020: The Very First Online Earth Day

Mychele DeLauney, Staff writer

April 22, 2020 marks 50 years since Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson, established Earth day. The establishment of Earth Day was intended to create more public concern about ecological crises and urgent environmental issues while also improving the nation’s political motivation to correct critical environmental issues. Earth Day was a success. The very first Earth Day celebration in 1970 had an estimated attendance of 20 million people nationwide. Earth Day continued gaining supporters and in 1990, there were 200 million people in attendance. Even in 2020, with social distancing and staying behind doors, people all over the world found ways to celebrate the important holiday by moving the festivities and campaigning to a digital setting.

The Earth Day Network, on their website, held an interactive global event called Earth Day Live where activists, political influencers, and celebrities offered positive suggestions, motivated people to take action for earth’s well-being, performed, and campaigned through different artistic mediums. Along with Earth Day Live, the Earth Day Network also organized the #EarthDay2020Halt, led by LA-based street artist Meg Zany. Over 500 artists from all over the world participated in the stealth street art campaign and showcased their art in hopes of encouraging people to take action to save the planet.

Even NASA set up their own format to let people celebrate Earth Day from the comfort of home. NASA’s #EarthDayAtHome, encouraged people to learn about earth and all of its wonders that deserve protecting. Earth Day at home offered access to podcasts, breathtaking images of the earth, educational videos, fun activity ideas, and so much more. 

Museums weren’t exempt from the at home party either. The American Museum of Natural History held the EarthFest. The Fest provided online events and activities for every age group, such as trivia games, educational live watch parties, and several innovative and planet friendly arts and crafts. 

It’s wonderful to see people continuing to support and celebrate Earth Day even in a time where celebrating causes and good times is difficult to do. Hopefully, the efforts of millions of people will really help make the world a better place.