Simple Joys

photo credit Google Images

photo credit Google Images

Mattie Smith, Staff Writer

You know the sound your footsteps make when walking on dead leaves? Or when the clouds look like pink cotton candy as the sun sets? How about when a baby keeps smiling at you from across the restaurant? Often, these little things can too easily get lost in the midst of our busy and worrisome days. As a reminder to appreciate the simple joys, here are just a few examples of what makes people’s hearts’ happy.

“I like legos, dolls, and eating.” -Emma, 5

“I love drawing, coloring, reading, and being outside.” -Abby, 9

“I love reading, being outside, being with family, and going to church. ” -Kaylee, 11

“Family.” -Sadie, 14

“I’d say redecorating your room/getting it super organized, that’s always super satisfying.” -Thomas, 20

“I enjoy getting time to actually work out and be healthy!” -Blake, 27

“I enjoy making meals from scratch and hosting people in my home to eat those meals. I also love photography because it allows me to slow down and actually see the beauty around me.” -Faith, 32

“Babies. There is nothing better than nuzzling the sweet, soft cheeks of an infant or smelling the top of their bald little head. I also love wrapping all of their tiny finger around my one big finger.” -Kristin, 42

“Parties and family meals and entertaining. I also like going to antique stores and flea markets and repurposing things.” -Rebekah, 42

“Spending time with my family is my happy place! Anytime…anywhere! I love the river and kayaking (a river rat for sure) and crafting just about anything!” -Kay, 62