Young Musicians Showcasing their Talent


Mychele DeLauney, Staff writer

On Saturday, February 22, students from all over the area congregated at Wylie High School to participate in Solo and Ensemble. This event, hosted this year by Wylie with the aid of several helpful volunteers, is a chance for high school musicians to practice, perfect, and perform a challenging piece of music of their choosing in front of a qualified judge. The talented youngsters take initiative to sign-up, select music, and practice their pieces in preparation for their big moment. Participants can decide whether or not to perform with fellow musicians in an ensemble, duet or even opt to play by themselves as a soloist. All this groundwork at Solo and Ensemble is in hopes of receiving a Division 1, which qualifies students for State Solo and Ensemble. Many participants began filing into the school at 8:00 a.m to warm-up and prepare for their scheduled performance. At the exciting event, several ambitious students played in an ensemble and also took on the challenge of a solo. The musicians ranged from guitarists to percussionists to wind and brass players.

Photo courtesy of google images

The musicians were ready for their spot in the limelight and many talented participants walked away with a 1st division and others with pride in the fact that they worked diligently and performed with elegance and a high head. It’s amazing to see young people working for things that they can be proud of, and creating beautiful music is definitely worth taking pride in.